Fresh wind in my sails

I saw Him standing before me with a tender smile upon his face. He approached. Before I knew what had taken place there was this big part of what I believed to be me in his hands. It appeared to be a solid stone birthed from the soil of the earth. A common pebble only a child would find significance in. On this stone was written a word I had not thought of in a long while: victim-less. It was hard to decipher; was this one word or two?

I realized I could not raise my right arm for long, as if my strength had failed. Not only so, I feared my chest would collapse if I held my hand in the air at length. I looked and found the place from which the stone really came. A hole straight through my body just below my right shoulder spanning mid-way down my torso was left in place of the earthen stone. The gapping hole looked weak, unsupported, softly vulnerable.

Then I saw as if the zoom lens had been spun, him working in the hole of emptiness. His hands moved as a skilled mason, creating walls of support. Smoothly cementing the walls of my chest hole so that the tissue around would be held up and not cave in. Already I felt life flow returning to the muscles of my arm.

But he left the hole and giggled in joy as he did. He had no intention of sealing it up with cement. I could feel wind blowing through me. I saw him rather proudly full of laughter reach his arm through the cement lined hole and out the other side of me. It brought him a ridiculous amount of pleasure.

Then I saw something so out of place it made me glance twice. Out of the cement through the tiniest of cracks peaked greenery on all sides. My mind befuddled, I thought, “I haven’t even soil in me to grow such lush green”. So there I stood gapping in amazement at the hole in my chest filing with green life. Things that appeared as trees grew.

I looked at him as he delightfully smiled back at me. His eyes were soft yet full of adventure. And he said, “Do you wanna see?”. Before I could answer I could see through his perspective, as if in his very body. I was starring, from his eyes, through the hole in the bodily form of me. I did not see the wall behind where my body stood. But instead beyond the thick bright brush I saw a world bigger and brighter than I had ever seen. A stream wrapped down the rich landscape with rolling mountains to one side and a beautiful colorful sun dancing its light upon the clouds on the far side.

I returned to my body, but as I did I heard him expectantly believing. He said, “Show them eternity, Lauren Elizabeth.”


     He is waiting to speak over you. It is you who are more than enough through the Son. More than a conquerer, you are being made brave. He removes what does not bare fruit that lasts because he excitedly desires the finest of foods for you. Filthy rich in mercy is this jovial king. Rest assured your mind will be blown; he does not dissapoint. He reaches from earth into eternity. Why not through you? He will show you things you cannot imagine, grow things you never thought could bare life. Come Lord stand before us, we want to see.

Tune me in to foot-tapping songs,
set these once-broken bones to dancing.
Don’t look too close for blemishes,
give me a clean bill of health.
God, make a fresh start in me,
shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.
Don’t throw me out with the trash,
or fail to breathe holiness in me.
Bring me back from gray exile,
put a fresh wind in my sails!


One thought on “Fresh wind in my sails

  1. There are no words. This is straight from the heart of God, and I felt it was written specifically for me. Whoa. Victim-less. Life so lush and green sprouting from the hole in my chest where once I held victim as my identity. No longer a victim, but different than before – able to weep with the broken, because I have been shattered and absolutely torn apart, but the Lord has scooped me up and carried me, hidden me in Christ, mended the breach. Made me whole again, but better. I have shared in the sufferings of Christ. I have walked through darkest night where no light seemed to shine, but I have seen and hold this to be true that there is a light to shine when all other lights go out. And it only grows brighter in that darkness, casting aside the works of Satan and causing them to flee, cease, and desist. My word is victory – victorious – for 2016. And I see myself walking along the path in communion with my Father and so in love with Him that we are one. And I see myself moving to the rhythm of his heart, and knowing his heart so well that the edges of our thoughts begin to blend and merge until I am uncertain where mine end, and his begin. Life from death, beauty from ashes, wholeness from brokenness – all of these things I’ve been promised and none of it makes logical sense from the perspective of this world but when I look into my Father’s eyes, I see a world not yet fully realized in this present reality but I realize – I am bridging the gap between these two worlds. I am caught in the present, hoping for the future reality, gifted with the power of the Holy spirit and given insight into the spiritual realm. Fire – is what I’m called to bring. The fire of the Lord, and the rally to
    Love the unlovable, minister to the broken, speak truth into lives where there is confusion and chaos, and lay hands on those who are sick to see them made whole. This is my inheritance as a daughter of God. Thank you for sharing this timely word. Amen.

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