Hanging High

Sometimes you just hang hammocks. And only sometimes do you fall.

I remember being at my Precious MawMaw’s house when I was five or six. I was out in the big yard with the lone peach tree and the tall pines. My clever MawMaw had gotten someone to tie up a simple rope hammock between two of the pines most likely in hopes her grandbabies would enjoy it. This particular summer day I was outside with my bleach-blonde-chubby-cheeked brother and my Aunt Donna, my mama’s younger cousin. I was timid at first to get on the hammock, I was scared I might loose my balance and flip over, just like that one dreadful encounter with the tire swing. Seeing my timidity, Aunt Donna sat down to encourage me to join her. Since the hammock held her, I bravely joined her. No sooner had I sat down than my butt was sore from hitting the sandy root ridden earth. A bit petrified but all the same consoled by my aunt’s “ole poor thing” followed by her big hearty laugh, “You alright!” we brushed ourselves off. And no lie it was laughed about the rest of the day.
The other night, I was hanging what I like to call “fancy hammocks” with my baby brother. And no sooner than we thought we were smart as we could be for our damn good engineering, we were humbled. I lay flat on my behind laughing so hard my belly hurt. I didn’t know whether to get up off the porch floor or just lay there for a bit, fearing I might possibly had broken or injured something. I quickly realized falling at my age is a bit different than falling at five. I was sore for a week. However, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, and was happy to have a story between me and my baby brother.

Moral of the story: Quit hanging hammocks it ends up in a sore ass. NO, wrong! Because let’s just be honest, there is the kid in all of us that wants the sensation of flying or of floating- to conquer gravity, to be brave enough to let our feet leave the ground. So moral of the story: keep hanging hammocks.

Don’t give up when your ass hits the floor. After a big hearty laugh (possibly preceding a good cry), get back up! Invest in people again, love again, aim for a goal again, take a risk again, just hang another hammock. It’s worth the experience because nothing is ever wasted.

Yesterday I hung a slightly tangled hammock over the water. I let you know how it pans out 🙂