Goodbye Sweet Cottage

Changing places. Changing faces. Time to move again. Same city different home. My heart is heavy though. Maybe it has to do with all the changes in my life of late. Romantic love shift,  job shifting, and some friendship changes. But no I think it is something more…

A house holds memories. And this house surely does. Once upon a time it was not mine but a place to lay my head for a while. Then it was filled to the brim between family and volatile love. Until it could no longer bear the weight of such over-exaggerated fullness that some of its occupants fled. And shortly I too left its walls I was starting to love. Yet 9 months later I returned being birthed into the presence of the home, breaking and numb. But this time it was mine alone. Space to heal, space to feel, and love again. Its all too familiar aura comforted me until I stood again. I felt the hand of a new love here, and gained a friend in a neighbor here. Laughter was heard by the fire in the backyard. And sanctuary was found in the shed among the tools as I chipped at a new project. Early morning whisperings in the bedroom. And couch snoozing to a movie in the living room. Dancing and romancing in the kitchen. Pajama porch sitting with coffee. Telephone conversation pacing the gravel in the drive. Children playing at the swing hanging from the big oak.

You’ve been good to me old cottage. A place I only dreamed of as a kid. But most importantly he provided me with space to breathe within your tiny walls, and for that I am grateful.