February’s 10

It’s been a while since I have written. And I feel like much has taken place. Snow days, sick days, joys of life and aches of life.  There is much I could write out here and feel like I could breath easier but for now I’m going to hit some highlights from the month of February.  Emily Freeman invites her readers to join her each month in writing the ten things I learned in [insert month].  Check out her blog if you get a chance. It is what inspired me to start blogging again.

So here is what I learned…no matter how simply silly some of these may be.

1. I thrive in the South, and would possibly die living in the North. We have been having the craziest winter in the Carolinas that I have ever experience. right before Valentines day we got around 6 inches of snow and the city completely shut down. Though it was a welcome break from the busyness, I was antsy by day three. Snow is pretty, but I’m okay only catching glimpses of it not living in it.

2. I’m an Ambivert. After years of trying to understand if I’m introverated or extroverted…I think I’m starting to understand. I’m a confusing mix. I desperately need time with people to be rejuvinated. However after a few days without time to myself to do my thing with no one else around, I become rather irritable and exhausted.

3. The internet can be helpful and entertaining, but also can be one of my crutches and life sucking distractions. Need I say more?? I realized I should be paying more attention to my surroundings rather than cyber reality.

4. Livestrong’s My Plate app is absolutely amazing. It’s really helped me to set healthy goals as far as my eating and exercising goes.  Calories are important when you exercise, but so are the quality of those calories.

5. Shame and guilt are two different things. According to Dr. Brene Brown (who is so amazing in her own ways), guilt is saying ‘I did something bad’, while shame is saying “I am bad’. There is a big difference, yet so often we shame ourselves thinking that it is healthy guilt.

6. It is hard to not shame myself and others. Negative self talk is something I really struggle with. It is in times of struggle and hurting that it becomes easy to excuse shame’s words. When shame is telling me to hide in my mess and be overcome by it, courage is saying share that shame might not have the last word.

7. Goofy is good. I’ve really enjoyed just cutting up with the people I work with. Mind you we get the job done as we laugh. I also enjoyed laughing and playing with my significant other this month as well. Its worth the risk to open up this side of myself. Laughter truly is healing and refreshing to the soul.

8. I enjoy lifting weights. My lovely told me I’d enjoy it, but I guess I had to be convinced. In my trek to gain some weight, I found that lifting weights (supplemented with a good diet) can be helpful.

9. Schooled by Love. A good friend of mine wrote an article on love in relationships and ministry a few years back. I pulled it out and dusted it off. I needed the reminder of real love. One of my friends’ points in the article is that love does not disappear when rejected. If I love someone and that love is rejected by them and I get furious at them for rejecting my love, well then my love was just desire. It wasn’t love because my love always has to do with you, it is not selfish.

10. Vietnamese food is not spicy like I thought. I experienced the simple complexity of authentic Vietnamese for the first time this month. I was shocked to find that it has very subtle spices and that something can be sweet and spiced all in one bite.

Well there is my ten, rather late into March. Hope you enjoyed. Id love to hear what you learned this past month or even what you are learning currently. Drop me a comment!