Heart strings

There is something there…an intangible string tied to you and me. Who are you? What is this all about? What do I do with this string around my heart? When you aren’t near a very thin thread is tied there, as if I’m not to forget. But to remember what? Who are you, and what purpose is this? This string looks too fragile to tug on, so I’ll let it remain until it is no more. But until then I will carry this remember-ance string with me just in case you are sad or afraid.  Maybe then with open hands can I say, “hi friend”. And just maybe then there will be a slight tug, not from these hands, but another. So you will taste sweet Love because there is no other. How do you untie what was not tied by human hands. Yet how do you be tied to another? With open hands, it’s gotta be the only way.  Who are you? What is behind the facade? But here I go tugging on the fragile string. Maybe I’d do better to watch with open hands.


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