Open box and out pops…

I was talking with someone the other day about how I always say I will update and write, but in reality I start and shortly my writing fizzles.  An open 2-liter soda would keep its fiz longer than this blog’s vision did.  Why? Well I think the motivation of framing this blog was for me to have space where I could have “room to breathe”. A blank sheet to write some of my honest thoughts and experiences outside of a box in which nothing out of the ordinary, expected, or of differing opinion could be shared.  So really other blogs I had attempted where more confining than what I was truly craving.  I was thinking this was because of who I invited to read. Which might be a piece of the truth, but certainly a small piece.

I was in need of breaking out of the box.

Wait…did I just use past tense? Oh yea…

I AM in need of breaking out of the box.

It’s nice to get a taste of something refreshing. To see a perspective you didn’t even know you were craving, all you could see was your perspective all the while thinking ‘there has to be more’.

So really it was my expectations that caused the seed of the vision I had for this blog to not sprout. So let’s see what happens now…

i feel a push to write, a nudging within. So maybe I can let it be that for a while, just a nudge. Then just maybe it will grow into something alive.

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